My name is Adriana Izquierdo. I'm a 24 year-old spanish girl who left Madrid and came to the United States to graduate. I'm living in Gainesville, Florida, and I'm so proud to be a gator!. I,m taking some journalism and telecommunications courses here at University of Florida. Next fall I,ll be graduated in Audiovisual Communication. Being a US college student has been great so far, although I miss my parents and friends so much.

I'm friendly and a little bit crazy sometimes. I,m also too lazy and people usually acuse me of speaking too fast... nah, they listen too slow ^^

I wish I could afford spending time abroad since I enjoy traveling and getting to know other countries and cultures. I have a lot of hobbies so I never get bored... there,s nothing better than spending the evening with my friends and some cokes while playing Mario Kart 64. :)

Feel like you want to know more about me? Come on in... and enjoy your ride!