Jill and The Fam

Jill- the Drama Queen

Who I am is what I write

The most successful people are usually those who understand and live in balance- avoid drama, problem-solve, work and play, see the gray, keep things simple. I've always admired those people from within my little bubble of utter chaos. I am quite the mess when compared to my calm, cool, collected cohorts. Not that I haven’t had my share of ups, but they usually follow a grand dive. My parents always told me I needed more attention than the other kids (there are four of us) and that I was oversensitive- to which I responded by bursting into tears, slamming my bedroom door and proceeding to write my daily “goodbye” letter. I usually trekked, a would-be runaway, half way down the block to hide behind the trees in a neighbor’s yard. I had Teddy (my beloved brown teddy-bear) and a backpack with half my wardrobe stuffed inside so they would notice I was gone. But they didn’t. Or if they did they knew exactly where I was and that I’d be home after an hour or so of sulking in the bushes. Perhaps I was suffering from Jan Brady syndrome, being in the middle of us three girls, but real or imagined, by invisibility amongst my siblings made me an observant, introverted soul. I think that’s how I came to love writing, loved it from the very beginning in fact. In the quiet spaces, my thoughts were clear and my own. I got a journal for my sixth birthday and from that point on I recorded all my hopes, dreams, and internal turmoil on those diary pages. I didn’t have to run away anymore, I could escape through that pen to the paper. I was creating, with some fact and mostly histrionic detail, the story of my life. I still narrate my own melodramas, twenty or so journals later, and I think I always will.

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