my friends and family

My Amazing Family

This picture was taken in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico on our family vacation this past summer. From left to right, it's me, my dad (Gary), my stepmom (Amy), my youngest brother (the munchkin and love of my life, Jared) and my younger brother (and the other love of my life, Justin). We're quite the family, you know. We've been known to play "Harry Potter Scene It" on a Saturday night (and thoroughly enjoy ourselves). My dad and Amy used to grill out on Sunday nights, and all us kids would swim until our fingers were so prune-like, they were unidentifiable. Although it's been a while since we've all hung out like we used to (especially with me being up at college now), we're still the coolest family I know!

Us Kids

This is a picture of my brothers and I about four years ago. Justin is now 18 years old and about to graduate from high school. It's pretty scary, actually! Jared just turned 9 years old, and he is in the 3rd grade. Oh, and he has flaming red hair (he definitely inherited that from my stepmom). All of us have been involved in some sort of sport since we were big enough to hold a bat or throw a football (and I mean that in a figurative sense considering the tallest person in my family is my dad at 5'6"...).


I somehow don't have a picture of my mom on my computer, so this is my makeshift picture, for now. My mom is the rebellious one in our little family - the joke has always been that I am the angel and she is the devilish one, just like Justin. They really are two of a kind (they've actually started food fights in the middle of restaurants, and I'm not talking about fast food joints... these were actual sit-down places)! My mom is beautiful, and everyone always thinks she's my sister, which is actually really flattering!

My Amazing Friends
Us Girls

To the right are my girls! From left to right, it's Julia, me and Britt. We were in Gap and hopelessly wishing it would get colder than 60 degrees in Gainesville so we would have a reason to buy these awesome hats and scarves. We work together in the Department of Housing, and we're practically attached at the hip(s).


This is me and my twin, Andy, on the left. She graduated and left the University of Florida last May with a degree from the College of Journalism and Communications (just like I will, this May). We've been through pretty much everything together - I've known her since 7th grade. What's funny, is we didn't become friends until 10th grade when we had six of our seven classes together.


This is my boyfriend, Brian, to the right. I'm not entirely sure why he is making that face, but I thought the picture was too funny not to share. We met via intramurals about a year and a half ago. We both were umpires for softball, and now we're both supervisors for all five spring sports (basketball, flag football, soccer, softball, sand volleyball).