I have three sisters. Two of them are from my father's second marriage. My father remarried about ten years ago. My little sisters are very important to me. They are a lot of fun and are always smiling.

Josie is 22. She is a junior at a community college. She is an artist. Her major is photography, but she also writes, paints, plays the guitar and draws. She lived in California for a year and modeled. She came back home to start college. She will spend the summer traveling in Europe.


Janie is 5. She just started kindergarten this year. She dances, ballet and jazz. She is 18 years younger than I am, but has just as big of a personality.


Cori is 3. She is very sneaky. Sometimes she hits Janie and says Janie hit her. Behind her cute face is a manipulative little girl. We have to watch out for her as she grows up. I am 20 years older than her.


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