Getting rowdy at the Swamp in August 2006.

Hey there, my name is Devin. I am a 21-year-old, third-year journalism student at the University of Florida who is just dipping his toes into the ocean of web development and online journalism. Forgive me if my first venture into uncharted waters is a little basic, but I hope you'll peruse my homepage and learn a few things about me.

To start off, I'm a military brat who originally hails from Heidelberg, Germany. When I was three, my family packed up and headed to Tampa — Riverview, to be more specific. Yee-haw. I stayed there for the next 15 years before moving to Gainesville in August of 2005. I had a grand old time growing up in Riverview with my parents, my 17-year-old sister, Emily, and my 25-year-old brother, Andrew. No really, it was lovely staring at the cow pastures and pick-up trucks during calculus class at Riverview High School, but living in G-Vegas has been a nice change of pace. Anyhow, check out the links above if you would like to hear a little more.