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Florida Gators Graphic Catie Created Graphic from a video game
Catie's 4 Best Friends Catie's Family Catie and Ken

I enjoy playing soccer, basketball and tennis when I have time, and most of the time I play tennis, and I love watching college football.

In my past time, I enjoy creating graphics and learning about what goes on behind the scenes of video games and the web.

I also like writing poems and songs as well as fictional stories. I want to publish a book someday and hopefully it will be a New York Times Bestseller.

I spend much of my time with my boyfriend, Ken Estes, and my four best friends, Rebekah Griffith, Jessica Garrett, Amisty Ali, and Anna Fielder. I also keep in touch with a few other friends from high school and hang out with them when I visit my home. And of course, I spend time with my beloved family and relatives.