Berlin and the French countryside

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This May, I will be traveling to Berlin for a two-week photojournalism study-abroad program. Upon arrival, I'll take a day or two to orient myself with the city, then get to work.

My project is a soundslide presentation, the subject of which will be someone I meet in the city - smeone who represents Berlin, whether they are a native or immigrant. The soundslide will be posted to this site, so please check back.

I will arrive on the 15th and work though until the end of the month. My mother will join me in the city, and together, we'll fly to Paris and then on to the Mont St. Michele via car. I hope to do some additional work there, but I'll certainly be sure to post photos from the countryside and the Mont.

I have traveled through Europe several times over the years, but I am looking forward to this trip with a special anticipation and appreciation. I hope you will check back to see what I see and meet who I meet. Until then, thanks for stopping in.