Standing in Cades Cove, Tennessee. I love the mountains and hiking. I guess it has something to do with living at sea-level my whole life. December 2005.

A Reporter's Site

I interviewed Jared Fogle and became a journalist. Sure, I had fancied myself as the Woodward and Bernstein type long before this weight-loss marvel and Subway spokesman entered onto the scene. But working on that story for the "Alligator," talking to a national icon and having PR people buzz around my tape recorder ignited an occupational enthusiasm that has yet -- after almost three years -- to extinguish.

It’s with this excitement, in fact, that I create “Press Talk,” a site dedicated to showcasing my professional life. Through the various links, you can peruse my resume, read a selection of my clips and learn about a few of my reporting adventures.

So click and enjoy. And if you feel so inclined, contact me with any comments, questions or -- better yet -- job offers.