William G. Shields & Associates

How we handle cases...

The following information is to help answer many questions about the way we handle cases. If your questions are not answered by this information, feel free to contact us by pohne or e-mail. Of course, each case is unique and is treated differently, but in general, most cases are processed in our office as follows:

The Initial Conference

General information regarding the incident will be obtained when you are first interviewed by the attorney. Materials relating to things you should or should not do will be furnished to you. You will be asked to sign authorization forms, which will allow us to obtain the information necessary to evaluate your case.


Any and all documents pertaining to your case will be obtained for review. Letters requesting this information, if not already provided, will be sent to all parties involved. Any potential witnesses will be interviewed.

Evaluation and Settlement

After obtaining all available information, we will carefully evaluate it to see if we believe your case has sufficient merit and damages to make it worthwhile for us to proceed. This evaluation involves reading professional textbooks and articles, studying the records we have obtained and consulting trained professionals such as doctors, nurses and other experts. This evaluation generally takes three to four weeks, sometimes more. It is necessary that we investigate thoroughly and have an accurate understanding of your damages. We cannot properly evaluate your case until we have information from all sources. If we conclude that we should not proceed with your case, we will let you know immediately so that you will have time to get another opinion or consider some other course of action. If we conclude that we should proceed, we will discuss with you the possibility of settling your case without starting a lawsuit and, if appropriate, attempt to arrive at an amount for which you would be willing to settle your case.

If you have any further questions or would like to set up an appointment call 804-523-7444 ext. 232.