A (very) Brief History of Kelly McCleary

I was born in Patuxant River, Md in July of 1983 to my Mom, Janice, and my Dad, Joe. I have an older brother named Joe, also. After a few years we moved to California because my Dad was in the Navy. It rained twice in the four years we lived there...very weird. Next we moved to Jacksonville, Fl, which is where I've been for awhile.

I graduated from Orange Park High School in 2001 and from there went on to Florida State University. While at FSU I went to as many football, basketball, and baseball games as possible. I also spent alot of time hanging out with friends and exploring Tallahassee. Somewhere in there I also earned a degree. I graduated from FSU in 2004 with a Bachelor's of Communication in Mass Media Studies and a minor in political science.

After graduating from FSU I knew that I wanted to go to grad school, but because I had done my undergrad in three years I was a little burned out on school. So, I took a year off and worked in retail (nightmare). Then in the Fall of 2005 I started my graduate program at the University of Florida.

Now lets get something straight...Yes, I go to the University of Florida. No, I am not a Gator fan. I'm a loyal Seminole fan living and going to school in Gainesville. You might be wondering why I didn't go to FSU for grad school. Well, because Florida State and FAMU are so close together, they can't have competing majors. FAMU has a journalism school so FSU doesn't. My other option was to go to Miami, but UF has the best program, so here I am.