The Professional Artist: "It Made Me Laugh Out Loud"

Political Cartoons

Editorial cartoon depicting Wal-Mart as Godzilla

Gainesville has provided amazing opportunities -- and excellent, supportive editors -- for my art.

During my reporting internship with the High Springs Herald, the newspaper provided space for my political cartoons as often as I submitted them.

The Florida Press Association honored my editorial cartoon work in 2005, awarding the "Godzilla" cartoon second place in its size class.

From the High Springs Herald article: "2nd Place, Original Local Editorial Cartoon -- Brian Hagen, who worked for the newspaper last year as a University of Florida student intern, took second place for his editorial cartoon showing Godzilla wearing a Wal-Mart smiley face while crushing Alachua and heading for High Springs. '(It) made me laugh out loud,' the judge wrote."


Beginning in 2005, I have been a freelance illustrator with the Gainesville Sun. I've had the opportunity to create full-color illustrations for their entertainment sections and column "headshots" for a almost-launched, student-oriented magazine.

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