How to Play Curling

The curling area has two ends. At each end is an outer blue ring, a red inner ring, a white ring between the two, and a center white circle (the colors can vary). There is a back line that goes side to side that touches the outer ring and a front line that has some space between it and the outer ring. A stone must come to rest between those two lines for it to be in play. It is removed from the ice if it is not in play.

There are 10 turns to a curling match. Each team alternates throwing stones until there are no stones left. Each player gets 2 stones, so each team has 8 stones. One team member is at the end of the rink pointing to a location where they want their teammate to throw the stone to. Another team member pushes off a block and slides on his knee while holding the stone and release the stone before he reaches a line. Once the stone is released, two teammates sweep the ice in front of the stone to guide the stone down the ice. The sweeping of the ice creates heat which creates a path of lesser friction for the stone to follow. The objective is to get your stone as close to the center of the circle as possible. The teams rotate as to who throws, sweeps, and points to the location.