Austin's Interest in Curling

I am a fan of the Olympic Games, both winter and summer, and enjoy watching the variety of sports on TV. Due to the time zone difference of the 2006 winter Olympics, curling was one of the few sports that was aired live. I have played shuffleboard and occasionally enjoy doing recreational activities that are enjoyable without putting in much physical effort, such as disc golf and bowling.

Being that curling is a winter sport, and let alone there are few ice rinks in Florida for skating, there are no curling rinks. Curling also seems like it would be the easiest sport, even though I think it is more of an activity than a sport, to qualify for the Olympics in. All other winter Olympic sports seem like they require many years of practice.

I would watch Curling in the morning before I went to class and sine I was watching it I decided I should probably and pay attention to the announcers to try and understand the game. Recently, I visited my mom and was flipping through the channels and stopped on an Olympic curling match. She asked what curling was and I tried to explain it, but she already had her mind made up that she didn't like it and refused to listen to my short explanation of the game. Since curling is not played by people in warm weather climates, but it occasionally makes its way onto TV, I decided to provide a simple explanation of how I understand the game to be played for those who wish to be able to follow along when watching curling.

The following sections are meant to be easy to follow and do not use official terms for describing the game. Visit the US Curling Web site or Answers.comís answer to curling if you would like a more official and in-depth explanation of curling.