A site I visit every day for great deals on just about anything you can imagine. I've saved hundreds of dollars following the advice of these user forums - be sure to check them out. For shopping online, you can also earn cash back on your purchases! A++


This site features one deal every 24 hours. Sometimes they are a steal (recently I got a 250GB hard drive for $50), but sometimes not so much. The editorials on the featured product of the day are hilarious. B


This site is very similar to Fatwallet, alerting users to awesome deals through the main page and also through well-managed forums. A


An awesome news source for everything geeky. The site regularly features insider information on unreleased technology and cool gadgets. Bill Gates checks this one out every day. A+


A great resource for Apple devotees. Somehow, this site is also privy to inside information on unreleased Apple products, including news about iPods. A


The Dent is one of the most comprehensive fan sites I've ever seen. Awesome coverage of everything Tori Amos, including great concert updates, photos, and album release info. A++