The Wilsons
The Wilsons: (From Left): Me, Nancy Wilson, Jennifer Orr,
John Wilson, Ryan Wilson

Meet The Wilsons

This is my wonderful family. We donít usually dress like this. This photo was taken on my oldest sister Jenniferís wedding day. Thatís her in the middle. She may appear to be taller than me, but I assure you, she is not.

Daughter Number One

Jen is the runt of the family. She has a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy from Emory University and a masterís degree in journalism from the University of Georgia. She met her husband, Greg Orr, while working on the 1996 summer Olympics in Atlanta. She has been married for almost four years now, and has an 18-month-old daughter named Audrey Anne.

Audrey Anne Orr

Audrey Anne is the sweetest, most adorable child you have ever seen. She loves dancing, macaroni and cheese and the noises made by farm animals. She has never had an IQ test, but we are all certain that she is a genious. Audrey Anne, Jen and Greg live in Oakland, California. Greg works in computer software sales, and Jen is a freelance writer.

The Parents

Those adorable people standing on the outside of Jen in the photo are my parents, John and Nancy. They both went to college at Florida State University. Thatís where they met. John delivered pizzas between classes for extra money, and my motherís sorority house was part of his route. She used to order pizzas just so he would come see her. Theyíve been married for 33 years.

John is the Director of Public Safety of Lee County in Ft. Myers. He loves his job. He gets to travel all over the country to give safety seminars. He has even met Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge. He loves playing videogames and watching college football. Heís basically just a big kid. He lived in a house with four women for many years and was able to maintain his sanity.

Nancy is a retired school teacher. She taught kindergarten and first grade for 25 years. God bless her. She was a wonderful teacher, and her students always adored her. These days, she spends her time redecorating the house, gardening, and playing with her new puppy, Sophie. Sophie is a mix between a shitzu and a poodle. We call her a shoodle.

Daughter Number Two

Ryan and Allie at UCFOn the far right in the photo is my sister, Ryan. She lives in Orlando, where she works as an auditor for the city. She got her bachelor's and masterís degrees in accounting from the University of Central Florida. Sheís the family genius and also the tallest of the Wilson women. At five-foot-three-inches, she towers over my mother, Jen and me.

Ryan is getting ready to take the test to become a Certified Public Accountant. After she gets certified, she will start planning her wedding to her boyfriend of three years, Jayme. Heís working on his undergraduate degree in engineering, and works as a computer technician for a small sales and marketing office.

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