The History ...
The Florida Cicerones/SAA serve as the Official Student Ambassadors to the University of Florida. We are considered the link between past, present, and future Gators. More importantly, we represent the University at various functions throughout the year; one of our exciting jobs is hosting formal events at the President's Mansion. We are blessed to have the opportunity to work directly with the Alumni Association in order to create meaningful interaction between alumni and current students.

We were originally an all-female group founded in 1968 as the official hosts of the university. Today we are a co-ed organization comprised of a diverse collection of over 120 individuals who all share the same enthusiasm for being a Florida Gator. In 1987 we joined the Alumni Association to become the Florida Cicerones/SAA.

Spring 2005 Rush with Serg and Max

I was one of the lucky few who got "in" my freshman year. I have been an active member since the Spring semester of 2001. After my first year, I ran for the position of Programming Vice-President and won. I currently hold the position of Executive Vice-President. The memories and friends I have made through Cicerones are small pieces of UF that will forever remain with me after I leave this campus.

For more information, call our office at (352) 392-6295 or Send us an email.

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