Aside from visiting the Mall of America, which is the second largest mall in North America, a trip to a city such asRochester is a must.

Rochester bike trailPhoto provided by Explore Minnesota Tourism.

Rochester is a cosmopolitan city that still retains a small town charm. There are plenty of enticing locations to explore in and around Rochester. Silver Lake, The Mayo Clinic, The Plummer House and Building, Quarry Hill, and many more encourage their discovery.

A large lake close to the downtown district, Silver Lake, is home to a large population of Canadian geese year round. During the summer it's possible to rent out canoes and paddling boats. On the banks of the lake a Children's Park is ideal for picnics and lots of fun.

MayoWood MansionPhoto provided by Explore Minnesota Tourism.

Perhaps the reason Rochester is known to many is because it's home to the Mayo Clinic, an internationally famous hospital. Tours of MayoWood the Mayo family residence are available most days of the week. A few other sites connected to the Mayo Clinic are worth visiting.

The Plummer Building, envisioned by Dr. Plummer of the Mayo Clinic, and the Plummer House are noted for their beauty and technological innovations. Both were built around the turn of the 20th century and a tour of either is fascinating.

Quarry Hill offers an outdoor hiking, and biking experience. Wandering down one of the many hiking trails it's easy to forget the city and become absorbed in the beauty of Minnesota wildlife.