View of Colorado Bluffs View of bluffs in Caņon City, CO. This is also the direction of Colorado Springs. On clearer days Pikes Peak is visible above the most prominent bluff peak on the right.

Colorado has the most fascinating views of the Rocky Mountains, and the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range. Caņon City, CO has been home, if only while filming, to some great American actors such as John Wayne, who is Synonymous with Westerns. The city, nestled in a valley between the Sangre De Cristo Mountain Range and the Colorado Rockies provides a scenic backdrop to daily life.

Points of interest include, but are not limited to the Royal Gorge Bridge, Cave of the Winds, and horse-back riding. Love Town and The Rocky Mountain National Park are also gems to be explored.

The Royal Gorge Bridge is the tallest suspension bridge in the world. It hovers over the Colorado River, in a section of the river that is known for its rapids. Visitors have the opportunity to travel to the bottom of the Gorge if they so choose. Additionally, this is one of the few places where it's ok to feed the wild animals. Deer are very common near the bridge and enjoy being fed.

View of snowy Sangre de Cristo Mountain RangeThe Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range's beauty can be appreciated in Caņon City, CO.

Cave of the Winds is a natural cave system that formed out of the Rockies over millions of years. It's so called because there are a few wind tunnels throughout the system.

Throughout the State there are a plethora of opportunities for visitors to horse-back ride through a series of trails. These trail rides can last anywhere from one hour to the whole day. This experience shouldn't be missed, especially by horse-lovers.

Colorado is also home to a lesser known, but breathtakingly beautiful park called The Rocky Mountain National Park. On the skirts of this park, nestled in-between the mountains is a little village called Love Town. Love Town is known for it's glass blowers, which create the most amazing images in front of your very eyes.