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When I returned from my trip to Eastern Canada and America, my mother made me promise her that my next trip would be with my little brother, Kevin. Since I intend to enter the Peace Corps after I graduate this summer, we had to get planning. I always wanted to go to Europe, but never had the money. So, Kevin and I devised a plan where we would just stay in one city for a week and a half over winter break. The city we settled on was Amsterdam, a place with more canals than Venice. It was by far the most beautiful city I have ever visited. Our hostel was in the center of oldest part of town, with buildings over 600 years old. The Dutch people are tall, accommodating and mind-bogglingly multi-lingual, with most knowing 4 languages or more. The Anne Frank House was amazing and very depressing. Walking behind a bookcase into the hidden corridor is an experience that I will not soon forget. We celebrated Christmas there and got to enjoy a different culture's spin on the holiday.

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