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The summer, 2004, after our first road trip, my friend Jamie and I were determined to tackle the eastern half of North America. Our first stop was a week with my extended family in Northern Ohio. We went to Cedar Point, which is home to some of the biggest roller coasters in the world. Niagara Falls was our next destination. It was beautiful, but I can say that it was one of the biggest disappointments, because of how much people had built it up to me. Next was Toronto, the bustling capitol of Canada that the United Nations just deemed the most international city in the world. We went to to the top of the largest observatory in the world, the CN Tower. Then was Montreal, which was just as hectic. We did not stay that long in either city, because sleeping in a Saturn makes you pine for a tent.

Quebec City, the only walled city left in North America, gave off a European feel. After that enjoyable city, we drove to the Gaspe peninsula to camp and hike. Our next nature stop was Cape Breton Highlands in Nova Scotia. While hiking, I saw the first whale, or rather a group of about 10 of them, I ever layed eyes upon in my life. We then took a long car ferry to Newfoundland. The island's culture was different than any I have ever experienced. Their dialect was a strange mix of Gaelic, Canadian English and many other sources. We celebrated Jamie's 21st birthday at a packed pub with live Irish music.

After returning to the mainland, we set our sights on New York City. Central Park was by far my favorite part of the city. Then we took the short drive to our nation's capitol. We spent two days going to most of the Smithsonian museums and memorials, the best of which was Roosevelt's in my opinion. The last stop of this trip was the Great Smokey Mountains, which after hiking the Rockies the previous year, was disappointing, but definitely not a waste of time.

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