Sports geeks get a bad rap. We’re not that different from normal people. I mean, what makes one art form more important than another? That is exactly what sports is – an art form. As a kid, I grew up watching the Atlanta Braves with my grandmother and was immediately captivated by the game. At 11, after my father shared with me what a huge Baltimore Colts fan he was growing up, so I latched on to the team even though they had relocated to Indianapolis. And while I enjoy the games of basketball, hockey and college sports, no teams have enthralled me like the Braves and the Colts.

This was all fine and dandy, but as I entered college I was faced with the harsh reality of choosing a career plan. OK, I like sports. But who cares? Then, a teacher at Palm Beach Community College expressed a genuine interest in my writing and informed me that I had a certain talent. Immediately, a light went off in my head and I drew a connection from my love of sports to my newfound writing abilities.

The ladies seem to like me, even the random ones

Since arriving at the University of Florida , I have done everything in my capabilities to establish a career as a sports writer. I attended an open house at the Independent Florida Alligator not thinking that I was about to embark on a ride that would take me across the southeastern U.S. and from one career to another. When I started at the Alligator, I was placed on the gymnastics beat. I covered meets, wrote practice reports and had my first chance to write features. It was a great experience but only the start of a wild ride. As you will see in the pages of this Web site, I have worked for two major newspapers in the state, worked with industry professionals and developed an opinion on sports writing as a profession.

However, my relationship with sports writing as a profession was strained during my time with these papers. I got a firsthand look at the cut throat side of the industry and quickly realized that I wanted no part in it. It was not the writing that drove me away from reporting, it was the reporting. I like covering the games, the people and the atmosphere. But I did not like the stress, the competitiveness and the headaches. So, I decided that if I can’t be a journalist myself, I will teach the next generation of journalists what I know. I am currently finishing my secondary education minor in hopes of attending graduate school in the college of education. Upon completion, I will teach high school English and journalism to help show those who have a vested interest in journalism what a major college newspaper expects out of them.

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