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Found a site I missed? You can submit a nut to the peanut jar by filling out the form below. First, please read these rules:

  1. Be sure you've checked out some of the other pages of this site first.
  2. If you write your own site review, your entry will get posted faster than if you request that I write a review. I will also include your name as author of the review, of course.
  3. Review content, not design.
  4. Try to submit sites that express ideas most people consider extreme, for instance hate sites. Pro-censorship sites are good, too.
  5. The views expressed on the site must be those of the webmaster or group the site represents. It must not be a list of quotes collected by someone else.
  6. Your review, should you choose to write one, doesn't have to be funny. Serious, insightful analysis is welcome as well as humor.
  7. I will not post reviews that advocate censorship. Ridicule, yes; censorship, no. (Is that censorship? Perhaps, but it's my site, and I can do what I want.)
  8. Please save a copy of your review on your computer before pasting it into the form - just in case.
  9. Have fun!

Name: E-mail:

Url of reviewed site: Site's title:

Brief description:

Please paste your review in the box. Don't worry about the size of the box; it will scroll to fit your text. If you prefer to request that I write a review, skip the box.

If you cannot use this form, just paste your answers into the body of an e-mail to me. No attachments, please.

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