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Loners: Men From M.A.R.S.

Review of M.A.R.S.: Men Advancing Real Solutions

Real solutions to what problem? If this site is a solution to anything, it’s a solution to the problem of having a healthy mind.

Naming the site after another planet is very apropos because the world the author describes sure doesn’t resemble earth. He whines that men are an oppressed minority and that the public school system is promoting their oppression.

He writes about the American public school system, In today's schools it is taught that there are no set moral values.

This is absurd on its face. Although the American schools do not formally teach morals per se, children are taught that fighting is wrong, physical retaliation is wrong, lying is wrong and that cooperation and sharing are good. So what is this guy’s problem?

”Your children are being taught about alternative lifestyles as acceptable and viable regardless of your beliefs. Plus anyone who disagrees with the official point of view is not allowed to say so, and/or is ridiculed as insensitive, and/or misguided, or even worse ignorant and intolerant. Or perhaps listened to patiently and then their views are twisted, passed off as irrelevant, or just totally disregarded.”

In other words, on M.A.R.S., (straight) men are oppressed because their sons are not allowed to harass and bully kids at school who are suspected of being gay. Life, and morality, on M.A.R.S. is rather twisted, indeed.

The author also compared the public schools to Hitler and the Nazis, which is not a very good move if you want to appeal audience members who have already heard of Godwin’s Law.

Fortunately, nearly all the men I know are from Earth. This is a very good thing, because I don't think men from M.A.R.S. would get along very well with most Earth women.

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