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Prominent: What the F.C.U.K.

Review of the American Family Association Web site - one page in particular.

Because it's a Christian organization, some people might say I shouldnít ridicule someoneís sincerely held religious beliefs. Itís mostly AFA politics I have a problem with, but the AFA chooses to wrap its politics in its religion. But Iíll make the AFA a deal. I will stop ridiculing the AFA when it stops being so ridiculous.

A complaint letter that was at was a perfect example. It is no longer online, but there is an updated complaint that I will explain later. Here is an excerpt from the original letter:

"The French Connection United Kingdom Company has applied for government approval of a registered trademark using their acronym, 'FCUK.'

"If the French Connection gets approval for the trademark, the "FCUK" will begin appearing on T-shirts, tote bags, sodas, mugs and other products worn and displayed in the public, all with the approval of the U.S. government! Plus it will be used in advertising in all media: TV, newspapers, magazines, etc."

Oh, the horrors! They misspelled a cuss word! Make them retake English classes! Oh, I missed the point? Let me try again.

Oh, the horrors! They are going to put a word on T-shirts and other stuff thatís an anagram of a cuss word! Next thing you know, a personified anagram of Satan will start appearing in shopping malls, dressed in a red suit every December!

Just in case you donít realize how horrible these FCUKíing products really are, the AFA has the naughty pictures. The organization ought to rename itself the ACA: American Censorship Association.

Here is the update I promised. The AFA has a new complaint about the French Connection united Kingdom Company at that reads in part:

"USA Today recently reported that a group of retailers will soon begin selling new fragrances named FCUK Her and FCUK Him in their stores...

"A $10 million marketing campaign built on the theme 'Scent to bed,' will push the fragrances toward teens. They will be advertising the product in teen-oriented magazines...

"Some stores have refused to join the campaign, but many are eagerly joining with the hopes of making millions by exploiting our children..."

Not only do the people at AFA have no sense of humor, they also have no memory of being teenagers. They seem to think the average 16 year old is not even remotely attracted to the opposite sex until the evil cologne advertisers brainwashes him or her into undergoing puberty. Not only is the target demographic of the French Connection United Kingdom Company already wearing cologne, but over half that demographic has had sex or is about to have sex. That's what the AFA is really worried about.

This is nothing new. People used to get married at 14, but people are becoming wiser and delaying marriage until about age 27. This is great news, because the risk of divorce is much greater when a couple is age 20 or younger. The AFA would argue that there are risks to premarital sex, but there are also risks to driving a car. Should we all give up driving or wear seat belts?

I apologize to switching to a more serious tone, but abstinence promotion by the AFA and other groups is causing a great deal of harm. The United States has poured billions into abstinence-only programs with nothing to show for it. Most teens who pledge abstinence break their vow either by intercourse or by oral sex. Those who keep it only keep it for about 18 months. Those who pledge abstinence are just as likely to contract an STD and less likely to use birth control when they break their vow.

Not only is abstinence promotion putting our teenagers at risk, but it is also promoting the destruction of marriages. People in Bible-belt states and conservative Protestants have higher rates of divorce. Part of the explanation for the high divorce rate in Bible-belt states is that teen marriages are more common. What I think is happening is that people attempting abstinence are finding it difficult and therefore are marrying much too young to create a stable marriage. The letters AFA stand for American Family Association but its politics are destroying the American family.

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