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"Dalai Lama" by Rammstein, from the album Reise Reise

Danse Macabre by Stephen King

Hallucino-Genetics: Live by Primus

OverClocked Remix
Penny Arcade
The Alligator

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A story about wanting to hurt someone you love, but only if there were some way you could see how they would react afterward when they were alone. This was turned in on deadline for a creative writing lab, so it was somewhat rushed in the making. It does, however, have some ideas in it that I still am exploring.

Addictions (A Cigarette and a Shot)

A stream-of-conscious dialogue from a rather untrustworthy narrator. This is what happens when I drink a pot of coffee while watching Coffee and Cigarettes followed by Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Pure craziness. Another writing lab story, and my instructor particularly liked it (or so he claimed).

Recurring Themes

A slightly delusional slice out of the life of a man who is fixated on two entirely different things. This marks the conclusion of the "from a creative writing lab" trilogy.

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