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This probably will be the last update before Spring Break, because I'm just about ready to do absolutely nothing for a good solid week. Working 40+ hours per week in addition to a full course load and planning for graduate school is not a combination that leaves much time for luxuries--sleep, for example

I'm starting to focus my efforts for grad. school, which basically means I'm trying to get some good writing down so I have a respectable manuscript to submit to MFA programs. I have one new story kicking around that I had hoped might do the trick, but something strange has happened: Through some crazy twist of fate, it actually looks to be too long for that sort of use.

That's a strange prospect for the guy who wrote an eight-page short story and wondered how he could have produced something so dense.

2:03 am Feb. 24th, 2005

Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen? Line spacer

So it looks like I'm going to be in Germany for the summer.

Well, it's actually only going to be for about two and a half weeks. But it's still Germany.

I'm going up for a study abroad session through the College of Journalism, and it seems like a pretty good deal. I get to take a few photos and hang out in Berlin, and National Merit foots the bill. Can't beat that.

As an added bonus, Rammstein is going to be playing in Vienna the day after the study abroad session ends, so I have to find some way to see that. And by "find some way to see that" I mean, "I already bought the ticket, but now I have to figure out how to get to Vienna and find my way to the concert, then to a hotel, and then to the airport the next day."

Piece of cake. I mean, we're talking Rammstein here.

12:15 am Feb. 23rd, 2005

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Only a couple of years later, I finally have a home page up in this place.

In addition to the usual ramblings and story sketches, I've added some of my stand-alone works of writing as well. You can check out some of my creative writing by choosing Fiction up top there, or a few of the editorials and columns I've written for work by choosing Opinion.

Not much else is new, as usual. Class, work, homework, writing, bed--just like clockwork.

10:37 pm Feb. 21st, 2005

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