MC Intellekt interview

By Brett Roegiers

After spending the day at the graffiti wall on 34th Street, Intellekt talked with me about his upcoming album, live shows, the songwriting process, and the history and future of his involvement in hip-hop music.

Intellekt is the pseudonym of Dillon Maurer, the emcee of the group Intellekt and Dirty Digits.

The CD release for his album Intellektual Property will be held Friday at Common Grounds. Gainesville's Voice of the People, Orlando's Sol.illaquists of Sound and Tallahassee's DJ Research will also perform.

Maurer met DJ Dirty Digits, Dan Chavez, at the one of the Hip Hop Collective's Soul Cypher events three years ago. It wasn't until about two months ago that the duo decided to solidify their status as a group.

“We were both really avid about having it be Intellekt and Dirty Digits, about making it a group and really involving the deejay to the point that he's a very important part of the act, a very important part of the show,” Maurer said.

Intellektual Property is an album that Maurer hopes has a true-school vibe, and it features sample-based production and autobiographical lyrics.

“Basically anyone that knows me, that album is for them,” Maurer said. “It's really cliché to say, but it is absolutely my life.”

If you don't yet know Intellekt, just come out to a show or listen to his album, which you can pick up in record stores around town, including Hyde and Zeke's, Smoke and Wayward Council.

“I want people that don't know me to feel like they know me, to feel like they are a part of it, to feel like it's for them,” he said.

As far as the lives shows, expect a lot of energy, a freestyle session, spoken word poetry, a solo deejay set and a lot of audience interaction, Maurer said.

“It's always about keeping the crowd involved and making them feel like it's their show, like Intellekt and Dirty Digits is for them,” he added.

Maurer is a senior at the University of Florida and he's writing his high honors thesis on independent hip-hop as an industry. This summer, he and Chavez will be moving to Atlanta to “take it to the next level,” he said.

“I just think that it'll go as far as we want it to go, and I'm really excited,” he said. “We both are. I definitely see us touring the country and touring the world and just making albums, putting out records.”