Hot Water Music and friends wrap fest

By Brett Roegiers

Just like at any other Halloween party, there will be costumes, drinking and loud music at Common Grounds on Sunday as The Fest carries on after two days, at least eight shows and more than 80 bands.

The concluding night of the three-day Fest will feature Gainesville’s legendary Hot Water Music along with seven other noteworthy acts.

Having just released its ninth full-length album, The New What Next, Hot Water Music will already be a week into its month-long national tour with Alexisonfire, Planes Mistaken For Stars and Moments in Grace.

Canada’s Alexisonfire, a band known for their explosive stage show, will start things off Sunday night. This past summer, the band released its sophomore album, entitled Watch Out!

Next up is The Start, a female-fronted band that blends guitars and synthesizers to create music that has been described as "throbbing, pogo-deserving, dance punk" and "a late 70s new wave band dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century," according to the band’s Web site.

Then, St. Augustine’s Moments in Grace will perform. The band's album Moonlight Survived was released in August. The group has previously toured with Thrice, Poison the Well, Avenged Sevenfold and My Chemical Romance.

After that, be sure not to miss the rap duo White Dove Frisbee Team. Expect them to be in costume and to entertain, to say the least.

The White Doves will be a hard act to follow, but the reunited members of Gunmoll will give it their best shot. The band just returned from a hiatus, so take advantage of the chance to catch this Gainesville trio.

Next? Planes Mistaken For Stars. As puts it, “Their albums are ridiculously loud, chaotic, steamrolling slabs of screamy, overdriven power. Their live show is a spectacle of flying hair, sweat and emotion.” Their latest album, Up In Them Guts, was released in July on No Idea Records.

Engine Down also came out with a new album this year. Recently, the band had its van, trailer, equipment, merchandise and belongings stolen while on tour, but that is not stopping them. The band will have just wrapped up a set of dates with Ted Leo and the Pharmacists just in time to play the final day of The Fest. The band will continue touring through December.

Closing out the evening, Hot Water Music will be the final act of The Fest. For many, it will be the perfect end to an unforgettable weekend.