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Technologically Unemployed

Technology's Revenge

As of right now, I am currently unemployed because I can't seem to find time to fill out an application, schedule a meeting, etc...which is an excuse, I know, and since Spring Break 2005 is almost here, and I don't have any travel plans, it should be the perfect time to go searching for a new job. I mean, the only other real job I've had so far was at Wendy's last summer, and I'm sure a lot of other college kids agree that fast food jobs suck! So my job search continues, preferrably an on-campus job, although you have to fill out a UF work form first. All the technology we have nowadays, and we still have to fill out most job applications on paper! As the little picture on this page illustrates, technology can be suffocating at times...so maybe job applications on paper aren't that bad after all.