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For the Puppy and Kid Inside Us All

Beginning in December 2003, I started a webcomic hosted on Drunkduck.com called "Oshkosh and Josh". Since then, my webcomic has developed a modest readership, with over 100 hits per day, and has recently gone through a major graphic redesign on the homepage. "Oshkosh and Josh" is basically about a young boy named Josh and his pet puppy, Oshkosh. They go about their daily lives and interact with other people and dogs and...well, humor and cuteness are the strong points here. If you want to see it for yourself and leave me a nice comment on my homepage, click here to see it.

Me and My Creations

As you can see, I really enjoy my webcomic characters. Unlike some of the other webcomics on Drunkduck.com, my webcomic is a labor of love. I feel very good doing something that I'm not told to do, something that I have my own set of rules for. I can upload my webcomic whenever I want with no deadlines. There's a little bit of myself in each of my webcomic's characters, and having that association with my comic, on top of my reader's associations as well, is what makes webcomic creation worth it.
Of course, I don't intend to have "Oshkosh and Josh" last forever. I see it more as a "practice comic" before trying bigger and better things. So far, I believe I'm improving a lot more since I started out. I'm sure once you see my webcomic for yourself, you just might agree too.