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Charcoal Self Portrait Welcome to the Doghouse
My name is Jonathan Requesens (rek'-uh-sins), and I am currently a 2nd-year undergraduate at the University of Florida, situated in the heart of sunny Gainesville, Florida. I am majoring in Digital Arts and Science within the field of Fine Arts. What you see before you is merely an experiment...a visual glamification, if you will, of myself and of other things that seem relevant to me at this very moment. So feel free to look around and enjoy yourself, and maybe send me an e-mail (see bottom of page) to let me know that I did not create these webpages in vain. Thanks and have a nice day.
\_/ \_/

← P.S. There's a self-portrait I drew last year.

How a Dog Would Appreciate Escher
"To appreciate beauty, one must appreciate how that beauty came to be." -Anonymous

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