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When Cheryl Krauth bought Wild Iris Books last fall with her business partner Lylly Rodriguez, they had no idea they were joining a dwindling club of owners across the country faced with the daunting task of redefining the concept of the feminist bookstore.

When the Feminist Bookstore Network closed in 1999, its roster listed 120 member bookstores in the U.S. Roughly 30 feminist bookstores remain. Read more...

Treat your Valentine to some spice

Editorial Reviews

Nerve.com’s book “Position of the Day” offers more fun on Valentine’s Day than you should be allowed to have for $9.95. Read more...

Sasser’s pay offer under discussion

Hard News

Less than two months before Jackson Sasser takes the helm as SFCC’s new president, a question has reared its ugly head concerning whether the Lee College president had officially been offered a $200,000 package from his school — a number that played an integral role in determining his SFCC salary. Read more...

Outgoing SFCC president emphasizes involvement

Hard News

SFCC President Larry Tyree fought back tears during his final Planning Day speech while he thanked his faculty and administration and set an emotional tone for his last semester with an overall goal of staff involvement. Read more...

SFCC Saint-Sentinel, Feb. 2002

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Click here to open a PDF of a sample of the former SFCC newspaper. Read more...
Portfolio of Published Work

Perhaps Jackson Sasser was the only other person who stood to immediately benefit as much as I did when Larry Tyree retired as president of Santa Fe Community College.

The search resulting in Sasser's appointment was my story from beginning to end. It fell in my lap in May 2001 when I walked into the newsroom of the Independent Florida Alligator and said, "I go to Santa Fe and I want to write." My would-be editor Trey Csar asked me what I thought of Tyree's retirement and I said, "Who's Tyree?"

I never missed a meeting in the entire search. I couldn't have asked for a better series for cutting my teeth on the basics of reporting.

I started writing for the Alligator as a student at SFCC to see if I could do it. I knew I needed clips to get into UF's Journalism School and SFCC didn't have a newspaper at the time. The Alligator was the only game in town.

Understanding this sheds light on my decision to leave the Alligator in the Spring semester to become the editor of the newspaper at SFCC.

The paper, Vibrations, was on it's fourth editor in only a few months. SFCC had not had a student newspaper since the first paper The Veritas folded 30 years ago in the wake of the Vietnam War. A community college paper's pace was entirely different. We revamped it and renamed it the SFCC Saint-Sentinel. Unfortunately, the paper folded after I graduated but I understand the college is trying again.

Currently, I am writing book reviews for the Avenue, a new entertainment section replacing Detours of the Alligator.

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