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I am extremely lucky to have three sisters and two wonderful, loving parents. My father, Morrie, is a general contractor and a football fanatic. During games, he is able to tune-out the five women he lives with. My mother, Kathy, is Director of Development for River Garden Nursing Home. My mother does more in one day than I can do in a week. I hope to follow in her footsteps.

My oldest sister Natalie currently lives in Israel with her husband, Eli. They were married in December 2004 and are enjoying life and learning together overseas. Jessica, my second oldest sister, is teaching art at Paxon High School in Jacksonville. This is her first year teaching and she loves it. My little sister, Ashley, is in Israel right now as well. She is studying there for her junior year of high school.

My Sisters
The Puppies
My Parents
Jessica and Me at Dragonfly

Our household would not be complete without the infamous Pepper and Cuddles. Our tiny, toy, white poodles roam the house as if they own it. They are everyone’s best friends!

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My Three Sisters
Me, my oldest sister Natalie, my little sister Ashley and my older sister Jessica.
My Parents
My Dogs
Pepper and Cuddles
My Sister Jessica and me at Dragonfly
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