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I love to explore and traveling is one of my favorite things to do. In high school I traveled with the American Council for International Studies. Sophomore year, I went with peers and teachers to Spain and Northern Africa. I traveled to Italy junior year and as a senior I went to France and England.

Gondola Ride in Venice

I also participated in traveling through religious outlets. I went on USY on Wheels. USY is an acronym for United Synagogue Youth. This tour was a 6 week bus trip around the country and was absolutely amazing. My favorite place was Crater Lake, Oregon. I also traveled to Poland and Israel on an eight-week summer program through Camp Ramah.

This summer, my sister Jessica and I are backpacking New Zealand and Australia. I am beyond excited!

I also enjoy doing things locally. I am always excited for a good camping trip. Recently, Doug and I went skydiving at Skydive Williston. It was my 21st birthday present from him!

Melissa and Doug Skydiving
In the Air

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(Left) Doug and me in our jumpsuits before getting on the airplane. (Above) Me and my instructor Dave in the air.
Gondola Ride in Venice
Me, Meredith, Anna, Courtney, Anne and Shelly.
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