Key West

Spring Break 2004 Key West: Josh, Me, Ariana, Crystal, Dan and Joey just before we went parasailing!

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day 2004: Ariana, Crystal and Dan getting rowdy and looking for some green beer at Bennigan's.

Ariana's Birthday

Ariana's 20th birthday dinner at Rafferty's last April.

Basketball game

Josh, his gator wig and me after a basketball game.

Josh and Jeremy

Josh and Jeremy relaxing on their boat on the intercoastal in Boca Raton.


Me chowing down on the best pizza in the nation on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx.


Relaxing at my house back home with my Connecticut chicas, Jen and Naama.

Mary and me

My roommate Mary and me hanging out at Court of Heroes on 34th.

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