"A good home is made, not bought."

-Joyce Maynard

Whether by choice or by chance, you have happened upon my very first home page. Look around and explore. You'll find tons of goofy photos, interesting quotes, fun links and relatively decent writing.

About me

Originally from Weston, Conn., I now attend the University of Florida in Gainesville, Fla. Although majoring in public relations and minoring in business has been very time consuming lately, I still manage to have some fun too. In my photo gallery you can see pictures of me and my friends at places like Key West, back home in Connecticut and the local Gainesville hotspots. My favorites may give you some entertainment ideas, as well as links to where you can find your own favorites. Writing an article every week for reporting class takes its toll, but I still manage to do some poetry writing. Any questions or comments? E-mail them to