Sony Laventure.....

Hip Hop | Pop Lock | Konpa | Soca | Regge | Ballet | Sala | Zouk | Soukous

Sony Laventure began dancing at a very early age. His mother, Raymonde, notice that he had a dance calling on his life during his crawling years. Growing up for Sony was not easy. But dance made everything possible for him, since dance was embeded in his veins. He reached a point in his life where he couldn't be limited to any type of dance. He was very open minded to all type of dance.

Sony LaVenture danced and performed with Club Creole at the University of Florida during his first two years of college. During his first year, Sony and the Club Creole dance troupe won first place at the biggest talent show at the University of Florida, VISA. During that year, he also danced with the hip hop collective but never had the chance to performed with them. Sony now dances with APOCALYPSE, aka APOC, the best male dancing troupe on UF campus. APOC are 2 time CARRIBSA Champions, 3 time BET spring bling performars, 2 time FTS champions, and much more.

In the year 2005, Sony will be putting out applications for talented dancers to participate in an annual dance event.

If you have any questions about this dance project, please contact me by via email. This project will be unlike any other.