Sony Laventure.....

...was born in a small town called Belle Glade, Florida and was later raised in a smaller town called Pahokee, Florida (Palm Beach County). In high school, Sony was one of those talented students who couldn't just sit still. Before completing highschool, Sony Laventure completed 4 years of Air Force JROTC with a rank of Cadet Senior Master Sergeant. He was also awared the American Legion Award Certificate and Medallion by Lt. Cornal Hestly and Srgt. Hall. Sony also competed 4 years of
television Production. Successfully completing a documentary project entitled "Muck Force" with senior directors Edwin Michel and Dachy Beauvais. Within those years, Sony also completed 2 years of Web Design. In addition to those accomplishments, Sony Laventure was a Tae Qwon Do martial artist and currently holds a red belt. Before tae qwon do, Sony was taking kick boxing lessons and competed as a mid-weight fighter. Sony now attends the University of F lorida, studing Digital Arts & Science (DAS). During his first 2 years, Sony attended several pageants and was able to conquer two crowns. Mr Club Creole of the University of Florida and later receieve the Mr. Hait crown wherehe competed in Tallahassee, FSU, against several other colleges within the state of Florida. After completion, Sony will be going for his Masters in Fine Arts. Sony also plans to dual major in Dance Performance. As a mulit-cultural dancer, Sony makes it a daily bread to dance at any given opportunity. One of his latest dance was on BET where he sent a dance video to audition for an Usher project on 106th and Park.

Sony Quotes: ".......the sky is my limit"