Dear dog owner and future subscriber,

Dog Friendly is an exciting new publication offering you the chance to subscribe for a one time only price of $7 for a one-year subscription, a savings of 59% off the newsstand price. We offer content written by dog owners, for dog owners, as well as professional advice and helpful tips.

Our magazine is cover to cover with interesting, insightful and useful information, as well as entertainment and humor. Our helpful “How to” columns will give you insight into saving money with such activities as making your own dog treats or even incorporating your dog into your wedding.

We feature pictures of a variety of dog breeds and an annual dog photo contest. We offer you a chance to give us your own tips and advice through our “Bark Back” column.

You can also take advantage of our two year subscription for just $10.32, or our three year for just $11.88. Over three years you will save 298% off the cover price! And for all subscriptions over one year, we will send your dog a rubber chew toy with the Dog Friendly logo.

Allow us to help you optimize and strengthen your experience with your four-legged friend.


Victoria MacPhearson, Editor

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