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Here she is...

my girlfriend Cindy

This is my girlfriend Cindy. She attends the University of Florida also and is a graduate student in elementary education. We met working at part-time jobs in the student union and things took off from there.Unfortunately she graduating in May! She's actually going to leave beautiful Florida for Chicago.... I'm really going to miss having her here to keep me out of trouble!

My Family

my family

This is my Mom, my sister Emy and my Dad at Emy's high school graduation. Emy is now living in Gainesville with me and going to UF. She plans to apply to nursing school here next year. She is carrying on the family tradition, as my Dad is a physician and my Mom is a registered nurse. Both my parents are doing well and still living on the beach.

About My Site

This site was hand-coded in XHTML Jan-Feb 2005.
All photographs were taken by me and manipulated through Photoshop CS.
Special thanks to Cindy, Gary and Kristen for providing constructive criticism!

Some Favorite Links

All Music Guide - Anything you need to know about bands and albums
The Onion - Hilarious Fake News
The University of Florida
Rotten Tomatoes - Comprehensive Movie Reviews
GainesvilleBands.com - Great guide to local Gainesville bands and shows

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