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My Biography

My life all started sometime on November 5th, 1977 in Chattanooga, TN. I was born at Memorial hospital to my parents Robert and June Cooper. I was the last born of four.

My family and I moved to Lakeland, Florida when I was five. As a kid I grew up in a middle-class neighborhood and attended public school. I began writing at an early age and completed my first book when I was seven. It was a short, mainly picture book about the American Civil War. My parents were very encouraging and from then on I expanded my horizons writing books about sea adventures, super heroes, fantasy, and several on the Second World War. Of course, I was only a kid when I wrote these books and most of the subject content was somewhat primitive, but looking back I feel that most of the material was rather advanced for my age.

In my early teens I moved on to a different hobby, music, and by the age of fifteen I purchased my own electric guitar. I was influenced by mainly rock guitarists such as Kirk Hammett, Van Halen, and Randy Rhodes. My parents paid for me to take weekly guitar lessons and eventually I played in several garage bands, but never hit it off as an actual musician. I took a job in a music store later on in high school and learned how to do some guitar repair work. Though I never developed as a talented guitarist, I learned quite a bit about music theory and enjoyed learning to play along with songs on the radio.

Finally, my senior year in high school I went back to writing, only this time it was doing short skits for my creative writing class. It was in this class that I got together with my friends Jonathan Montgomery and Gabriel Beal. Together we wrote and directed a few clever skits. From there we decided to branch out and endeavor to work on more involved projects, our ultimate goal being to film a full-length motion picture. Shortly after graduation we formed a production company called Red Shift Production and filmed our first short-movie, Monkey Skrew.
picture of mepicture of mepicture of mepicture of mepicture of mepicture of me
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