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The Dome Jerusalem

I have been to Israel twice and plan to go back for more soon. It is a beautiful country with an unbelievable amount of things to see and do. This is an image from my first trip during winter 2003. I took this picture in Jerusalem near the Dome of the Rock and the Kotel (a.k.a. Western Wall).

Jeff and Alli in Eliat Jeff and Alli in Eliat

This is a picture from Eilat, which is the southern city of Israel. I went to Eilat on my second trip to Israel with my friends Alli and Jeff. I met them both in Israel while traveling. This city was absolute paradise with great beaches and a fabulous night life.

Masada Masada

This is a picture from my way down Masada (which means fortress in Hebrew). Masada is a desert fortress of ancient remains that overlooks the Dead Sea. This is a picture from the climb down with Odi, Jessica, and Brad.

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