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My Family My Family

This is my mother (Debbie), father (Howard), brother (Darrin), dog (Sparky), and a good family friend, Courtney. I was born and raised in Florida, and our home has been in Plantation for eighteen years now. We are a very close and goofy family that is always in constant contact.

Me and Darrin Me and Darrin

My brother and I are three years apart and despite our fighting over the years, he is the best big brother ever! Although he now lives in Orlando, we still remain very close and talk all the time. We visit each other frequently and he made me an aunt (little puppy named Oscar)!

Gizmo Gizmo

This is my little kitty Gizmo. Unfortunately he lives with my parents, but he is still my little boy. He is six years old and is a very mischievous little one. As you can tell, he is the cutest ever. (I think now would be a good time to stop talking about my cat.)

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