Jaci Charney-Perez's Links Page

So there are lots of things that I like online that I have decided to include on my "links" page so that other people can check out these awesome sites as well.

chris pageSo this picture is a link to my friend chris' site. He is a photographer, and that picture that I made the link is a picture of me, actually. Chris and I have been friends since we were 7 years old, so almost 14 years. Check out his photography gallery. It is from an art gallery he had up at the University of Miami. Ok, onto some links from bands that I like:

sarah's site My gorgeous friend Sarah's site. Just click on her to be transported. She hasn't updated it in a while, but I will bug her until she does. On her site, you can find out more about her, and you can find out a lot about nine inch nails. They are her favorite band. She has lots of pictures, and lots of links on her site. Plus, you can contact her. Yay. She is a tennis player, and there's stuff about that on her site. Also, she has cute little polls. If you go, you should sign her guestbook letting her know how awesome she is. Also, bug her to update. She needs to change the pictures on the site as well as her age.

The Cure's band site Check out this official Cure site to find out more about the Cure, the members, their music, and their new album

Nine Inch Nails' Band site Check out this nine inch nails site to find out about nine inch nails and their upcoming album, "with teeth"

A great Elliott Smith site Well, since Elliott Smith passed away, this is the best site for updates regarding Elliott Smith news, tribute shows, and his new album "From a Basement On a Hill"

Marilyn Manson site Find out more about Marilyn Manson. He's a pretty funny guy, you know

The Beatles..the best band ever Ok, so I love the Beatles. They have been my favorite band as long as I can remember and I know more about them than I do about most people I am good friends with. Buy all of their albums. (Not that they need anymore money, but all of their albums are must-haves for anyone that claims to be into music, I think)

Children of Bodom site Children of Bodom are a metal band from Finland. Check them out next time they tour.

Official Rob Zombie site I love white zombie, but since they no longer exist, I decided to include a link to Rob Zombie's official page since that will probably be updated before a random fan's white zombie site.

London After Midnight London After Midnight's an awesome band and they're amazing live.

chase's site Finally, my friend Chase's website. Chase is actually good with computers,so his site is all professional and whatnot. He has picture galleries, as well as other cool stuff. Just click on him to be taken to his site.