Jaci Charney-Perez's About Me Page

farvaSo this page is filled with lots of random facts about me. For starters, I am 20 years old and I attend the University of Florida. I have a dog named Farva. She's a border collie and my roommate and I adopted her from the Gainesville animal shelter shortly after we moved here. She is the best dog I have ever had (well, I've only ever had 2 others), but still she is amazing. She's very sweet and can be pretty mellow. So I spend a lot of time with her.

My roommate, Leor, leor short hair is 21 and I have lived with him for 3 years or so. He's my best guy friend. I met him when I was 15 at a Nine Inch Nails concert. I didn't become friends with him right away, though. I became friends with him a few months later during my junior year in high school. He works at Best Buy and has for a long time. We decided to move to Gainesville a couple of years ago, and we both transferred out of Miami.

The other main friends in my life are Sarah, George, and Craig. They're the people I spend most of my time with. I have known them all since high school. Actually, all of the good friends that I have, I knew in high school.

sarah and iThere's a picture of Sarah and I at the Waterways in North Miami. Sarah and I have been friends for almost 6 years. She is my best girl friend and I love her a lot. I am trying to convince her to move here to Gainesville because it would be great. She plays tennis. yay. Whenever I go home to Miami, I try to spend as much time with her as possible. She's going to be teaching tennis all summer in Nantucket, so I won't have the opportunity to see her every day like I did last summer. I am going to visit her while she is there, though. I have a lot of fun with Sarah and she's someone that I can say I am completely comfortable with. Sarah has a website of her own, which is linked onto this page. Sarah and I enjoy dressing up together, getting hit on by magicians in St. Augustine, seeing Gwar together, and many other fun activities. She is also the only person that will go to Miami Twice with me.

And there's a picture of George and Craig. They're metal. I have known them for about 5 years. George went to the University of Florida, but already graduated. Craig is graduating in May.

Which brings me to some random facts about me: I am 20, I am from Miami, FL., my birthday is July 16, 1984, I am short (5' 3"), my father is Cuban/Catholic and my mother is American/Jewish. She's from Long Island to be exact. Some of my favorite bands and musicians include, but are not limited to: 1.The Beatles, 2.The Cure, 3.Nine Inch Nails, 4.Elliott Smith, 5.Marilyn Manson, 6.White Zombie, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Hole, London After Midnight, Prick, Placebo, Pulp, Children of Bodom, Depeche Mode, New Order, David Bowie, Green Day, Pantera, old Metallica, Rasputina, Jack Off Jill, and lots and lots of other bands. I really like music, and i have a pretty broad range of musical tastes I think. The first six bands I named were in order of favorite down, but after six I can't arrange them so I didn't.

Some of my favorite movies are: A Clockwork Orange, The Godfather, Velvet Goldmine, Help!, A Hard Day's Night, Ed Wood, Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, American Psycho, Being John Malkovich, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Interview With The Vampire, The Addams Family (yay), Coming To America, Beavis and Butthead Do America, Scarface, Beetlejuice, Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Super Troopers, Napoleon Dynamite, Shaun of the Dead, Labyrinth, Drowning Mona, Better Off Dead, Amelie, The Shining, Willy Wonka, etc.

Some more general likes of mine are:strawberries, twirling, dancing, ice cream, disneyworld, disney movies before the lion king, al pacino, jack nicholson, corsets,jerusalem syndrome, curly hair, jaxson's, cookies, synde-the best kitty ever, my cat pillow, cabaret, farva, nice glasses, italy, revolver/the kitchen, pretty dresses, wearing tights with everything, shirley temples with cherries, makeup, cuban food, dyed hair, chocolate, playing dress-up, mary janes, boots with buckles, fishnet, home movies (it's a show), chokers, thigh highs, cartoons, bows, polkadots, pink,green, nice people, funny people, bondage clothing, eyeliner, food network, new york, st. augustine, cars,and a million other things. this list could go on forever.

me snow That's me in the snow in New York. It was freezing, but I love New York. That's where I originally wanted to go to college, and where I wanted to live. I got a scholarship to any public Florida university, though, so I am going to U.F.

I am a journalism major, but I hate journalism. I play guitar and bass but I am not as good as I'd like to be. I am obsessed with penguins. They're by far my favorite animal. I ideally want to be my own boss. I want to learn how to sew. I am really really nice to my friends. I burn in the sun. I won't wear a bathing suit. I am paranoid about everything. I got peed on last time I was at Side Bar in Gainesville by a stranger.

Alright, I am sure you know more about me now than you ever cared to know, so check out another link...Perhaps the pictures link, perhaps the contact link, you never know