Jaci Charney-Perez's Home Page

So this page is basically a collection of things in my life that can give a person an idea somewhat of what I am like. On this page are pictures of my friends, my dog, and I, as well as a riveting "About Me" section.

myprofile So that is me. That is my profile, to be specific. You can find out more about me by clicking on the links on the left. You can see tons of pictures, learn lots of information, and possibly discover some good bands if you check out the "Links" section.

Please Please Please LOOK AT MY PICTURES PAGE.

I spent forever making the thumbnails and I will eventually separate them into galleries and add more pictures. For now, you can see lots of pictures of my friends and I.

I will try to update this page as often as possible, so check back whenever possible for you to do so. Also, please feel free to leave me feedback or just say hello by clicking on the "Contact Me" link.

Also, I sell things on ebay ebay auctionsjust click on the picture of me in an ebay dress with my dog.

I welcome any e-mail you have to send, just try not to be mean because I don't like mean people.

Since the "home" part of the page is just the introduction, there is not a lot of information on this particular area of the site. That is because I wanted to save the information and pictures for the links so you can enjoy navigating around the site. So don't worry, there is tons to see. So......thank you for visiting my page and enjoy navigating through the links.