Family Friends since High school Friends since College Home Portrait of my Mom's side of the Family Portrait of my Dad's side of the Family Title, My Family
From left to right: Dad, Ashlea, Dylan, Mason, Carol, Michael
From left to right: Scotty, Paige, Ashlea, Chris, Mom, Michael
Many people ask why my family is so huge...Well it's because I have divorced parents. I pretty much born into a divorced family, so to me seeing different family members every weekend was a way of life. One of the more complicated things I would have to explain to others is why I have five siblings.

Ashlea (22) and I (20) are full brother and sister, meaning we both come from the same Mother and Father. After my Mother and Father split, my Mother married a man by the name of Warren. My Mother and Warren later had my half-brother Scotty (15). While my Mother married Warren, my Father married a woman by the name Angela, everyone called her by her nickname, Crickett. My Father and Crickett had no children together. Years later my Mother and Warren got a divorce and my mother later married a great man by the name of Chris. Chris and my mother, who are still happily married, had Paige (7). Just like my Mother, My Father later got a divorce from Crickett and married a fabulous woman name Carol. Carol and my Father, who are also still happily married, had two boys, Dylan (7) and Mason (5).

Even though most of my siblings are "half" siblings, they have and will always be full in my heart. I love them and see them all equally. This is my Family.

(You're lucky, I didn't even start on my aunts, uncles, cousins or grandparents.)