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These are just a few of the people that have helped me throughout my life, making me who I am today. My family and friends, past and new, will always be the most important thing in my life. I will continue to cherish and love you always.
I love my family! It's huge, complicated and the best family a son and brother could ask for. I have learned so much from them. Check out why my family is so huge and complicated.

While at Titusville High school I met a group of friends that will be with me for life. My friends from high school have always been there for me. They're the backbone of who I am, and without them I wouldn't be me. These people are like my family. Check out my beautiful friends!!

It was hard to leave my friends from high school but I am very lucky to have made such amazing friends here at the University of Florida. I wouldn't trade them for anything. Check out my roommates.
My name is Michael Bollinger and I am an advertising major at the University of Florida with a minor Business Administration and a concentration in Online Media.