Randi,the conductor with Diva, the co-conductor

The Co-Conductor

Ruff Ruff! Diva Bernfeld here, Co-conductor. Just to warn you I am a ten-year-old bichon. Almost two in people years! My birthday is in September. I am not too bright. I can't remember the exact date, and yes I am co-conductor of the train. The conductor of the Randi Express is really smart, and she remembered to buy me a birthday bone on September 24. She will be doing most of the driving. She is also the one who trained me to drive the train, sit, give paw and rollover. It's time for lunch. I guess that's when we break out the Kibbles N' Bits and shake your tails for Diva Bernfeld!

© 2005 Randi N. Bernfeld