Diva and I reflecting on the past


Born June 3 1985, I was twelve years old and attending Shore Road Intermediate Center in Bellmore, New York, when I realized I had a knack for public speaking. I thought I was on top of the word when addressing about 150 fellow pupils while delivering the Pledge of Allegiance every morning. How big the hallways seemed as I would venture to the microphone in the principle’s office. After delivering the morning announcements, I went from the three-foot-six-inch girl to the five-foot-ten-inch woman, or so it seemed because the same hallways just looked smaller. Eventually, I would realize that it was not exactly the love of public speaking that drew me towards the microphone, but the power I felt while reaching out to the public.
Who knew the Pledge of Allegiance would be the seeds to a career in journalism and a conductor?

Diva and I reflecting on the past.

© 2005 Randi N. Bernfeld